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The 5 Most Nightmarish Worms on the Planet

The 6 Manliest Ways People Still Hunt for Food

5 Animals Who Live Through a Horror Movie Every Day

5 Staples of the Legal System that Statistics Say Don’t Work

The 9 Most Hilarious Ways Criminals Were Caught

5 Terrible Secrets Big Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know



Top 10 People Who Didn’t Know They Had Horrible Injuries

Top 10 Adorable Animals That You Didn’t Know Were Vicious Cannibals

Top 10 Facts About Bats



10 Most Amazing North Korean Defectors

10 Criminals Who Butt-Dialed Police On Themselves

10 People Who Made Millions By Being Terrible At Their Job


Did You Know?

The Werewolf Cat

The Japanese Soldier Who Fought WWII For 29 Years

Can Salt Mines Cure Asthma?

The Science of Boobs vs Butts (Contains NSFW Images)

Why It’s Said That Men Need Meat and Women Like Chocolate

Soy Sauce Can Kill You

The Science of Gaydar

Electric Eels Have Mind Control

This Lego Robot Has A Mind Of Its Own

The Super Powered Mutant Newt

How And Why This Baboon Survived Being Shot Over 50 Times

The Nazi Scientists Who Killed Millions But Saved The World

The Military’s New Secret Weapon Is Silly String


GameOn Magazine – Smite Community Magazine

Who Is Cabrakan?

Bakasura: The Man, The Myth, The Monster


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